This week at McGill

Dr. Steve Ayers will deliver the sermon “Following Jesus” with scriptures from  Isaiah 9:1-4 and Matthew 4″12-23. Jennifer Taylor is the deacon of the week. She will read the Old Testament scripture and have the morning prayer.

Youth Council

Youth council will meet this afternoon at 4:30.  If you are planning to go to Arkansas this summer please let Paul know today.

Exercise Class

Susan Pollack’s exercise class meets each Thursday at 10 a.m.

Biscuit Bake Off

The Biscuit Bake Off is on Saturday, January 28, at 10 a.m. The bakers will be Steve Harrill, Ken Ayers and Vinnie Farrell.

Giving statements

Giving statements have been mailed. Please call Patsy immediately if you have questions.

Offering envelopes

Offering envelopes for 2017 are in your Sunday School Class or in the lobby outside the Sound Room. Several Christmas cards are there also.

Recycling greeting cards

There is a box in the lobby for your greeting cards to be recycled for St. Jude’s.

Missing a kitchen item?

Check in the hallway outside the kitchen and see if any of the containers belong to you.

McGill Barbecue coming soon

The BBQ will be on Friday, April 7. Get ready to volunteer!

Yard Sale in May

The yard sale is on May 13. Keys are in Patsy’s office for the trailer

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