McGill is blessed with special musicians, singers, and leaders. The Rev. Steve Harrill and Lindsay Karbach lead the music program with lots of help from volunteers.

Several of the music ensembles meet on Wednesday evenings. Glenita Riley teaches children how to read music by playing chimes and handbells. We recently introduced the children to Color Tone Bells, which are colorful bells that correspond with colorful notes. The color coordination helps them learn where their notes are in the music. These bells were purchased in memory of Doris Rogers, who was our beloved organist and church member. She always loved hearing the children play and sing!

Steve Harrill teaches a beginner guitar course for children and adults. Some kids learn to play the ukulele. They learn basic chords and strum patterns and how to read lead sheet music.

The McGill McPickers consists of members who are more advanced in guitar. They’ve played several times during church services and have performed for past outdoor celebrations at church called, “Gig on the Green.”

We have two adult handbell ensembles. One group, the Riley Ringers, is led by Glenita Riley. The other group is the Sanctuary Bells led by Steve Harrill. Both groups have opportunities to ring during worship. The Sanctuary Bells have attended several NC Baptist Handbell Festivals in Shelby, NC. They arrive on Friday and practice in the evening and Saturday morning, then play a concert at the LeGrand Center with about 30 other church handbell groups.

The Sanctuary Choir meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am to rehearse anthems to sing during worship. They’ve also provided special music during the Advent Season. Youth and adults of all ages are welcome to sing!

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